Coconino County Page Justice Court

Payments are accepted for:

- Civil Traffic Violations

If payment occurs after the initial appearance date, a $40 Time Payment Fee is to be added to the payment. If your driver's license has been suspended, the court needs to be contacted.

- Payment Schedules

Only payments for payment schedules granted by the court are acceptable.

- Adjudicated Criminal Citations

If your case has been adjudicated for criminal citations.

Payments cannot be accepted for:

- Civil traffic violations ยง ARS 28- 4135A,B,C

These are Insurance related. The court needs to be contacted.

- Outstanding Warrants

No bonds can be posted using web payments.

- Scheduled trials or pre-trials

- No Partial Payments

Unless the court initiated a written payment schedule.

- Civil traffic violations for juveniles

Approval from the court needs to be obtained prior to payment.

- Valley Collection Service(VCS)

If you have received notice from VCS.

**Please read instructions carefully to ensure the accuracy of your payment** Click "Continue" to make your payment